Explore Valentia Island

There is so much to do in and around Valentia Island. Enjoy the natural scenic beauty, marvel at the ambition and legacy of our ancestors or simply spend quality time with family and friends, indoors or outdoors. Below we include some links to further information you may find useful to help you plan your time on the Skellig Coast, see (click provider name below);


The UNESCO designated Skellig's are a world class destination for any visitor. Additionally, there are boat providers who can help you enjoy a waterborne adventure in/around Knightstown Harbour, see; 

Skellig Coast Adventures are a boat tour company that offer Skellig Michael landing and eco tours

Kerry Aqua Terra provide 'adventures by land and sea' in Knightstown Harbour with pickup outside our front door - call 087 922 0544

Valentia Island Seasports run a summer camp with water based activities including kayaking and sailing classes for kids of all ages from right outside our front door. Not to be missed - book ahead!

Valentia Island Seasports also operate 'The Diversion', a 40ft Hardboat that run a variety of day trips including bespoke cruises for up to 12 persons with pickup from outside our front door - call 087 298 0199


South Kerry Cycles we have a 'dock & lock' station at the hotel so you can hire hybrid & e-bikes to explore the island from only €25 per day! 

Valentia Island Lighthouse is spectacularly located at the mouth of Knightstown Harbour. It features a visitor center giving us a peek into the lives of former lighthouse keepers and their families.

Skellig Experience Visitor Centre brings the magic and mystery of the Skelligs through graphics, film presentation, models, exhibition items, reconstruction and the sound of sea birds and lighthouse keeper ship to shore communication. 

Valentia Island Slate Quarry is the oldest quarry in production in Ireland and now offer guided tours to learn about the history and processes that make Valentia Slate so beautiful and unique.

See full itinerary here

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